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Character Development - page 2.

Cartoon StripHamish Baird

This is what's great about the sketchbook phase; you have the opportunity to whittle away in your mind's eye, a three dimensional character and the more you draw the character, the better you get to know them. You begin to understand the spacial relationship between the eyes, the nose and ears etc. and recognise that there are parameters which must be adhered to, to prevent the character from straying 'off model'.

The Unpleasant Pheasant's character is now becoming more apparent, and with each new sketch he is becoming more dynamic. The actual bird's dark plummage around the eyes, has been useful to create a sort of villains' mask, while the tufts on his head denote speed.

As for Tommy, I'm not wholly sold on the character yet, but we'll see what happens in the next sketch session....