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Drumlanrig Estate Shoot

Hamish Baird

I have just returned from my trip to Drumlanrig Estate in Drumfries & Galloway in Scotland and what a trip it has been.

As the first shoot of the season, it was great to get back out there again and to photograph a shoot day. There’s something about looking for and capturing moments that I find thrilling. It could be spending a day analysing the compositional qualities of my subjects, or the aspect of trying to tell a story in a single image. Either way, it’s an opportunity for expression and creativity.

As a 400 bird day, it was quite an experience. There were times with big flushes where I simply didn’t know where to point my camera or would track one bird, only to get sidetracked by another coming into frame. But nevertheless, I got some fantastic shots of the day.

Drumlanrig Estate Shoot