Hamish Baird Photography


Updates for the 2018 shooting season.

UpdatesHamish Baird

There have been some really exciting updates and upgrades to Hamish Baird Photography over the last couple of months, which I'm keen to share with you.


Since last year, I have invested in two more lenses to fill the gaps in my kit. This means the portraits will be even sharper and have a greater bokeh effect (blurred background) as well as offering a far better output on some of the wider angle shots, especially in low light.

End of day prints

This season, I will be offering photo prints on location, meaning at the end of the day you can walk away with a physical memento from the day, alleviating you from having to get them printed at a later date, or from being downloaded saved somewhere and then gradually slipping into obscurity.

All prints come in high-quality sleeves to protect them on your journey back home. They also come with a QR Code on them, giving you immediate access to your online gallery where you will find all the photos from the day.

Note: You may not be aware, but Apple has built QR Code recognition directly into its camera app, which means all you need to do is open it and point it at my QR code to open your gallery. Click HERE for more info on QR Codes.


One of the biggest challenges over the last couple of months has been to how to offer an end-of-day slideshow to my clients. I'm excited to say that I can now bring it to the table.

This is by no means obligatory, but I felt it would be a nice offering for those interested. The slideshow is intended to be quietly enjoyed in the background and as a way to say thank you to all those who organised and attended the shoot and to stimulate memories of moments from the day.

It can be shown on any television that has an HDMI input or can be passed around on my iPad. While it's free and now part of my service, should you wish to own a copy, they are priced at £10 (this goes towards the yearly subscription for the software that I use to create them).

After shoot edit

Another aspect that is changing this year, is that I will not be editing ALL the photos from the day. I will only edit the photos that my clients are interested in buying. This is a more efficient use of my time and will allow me to focus on improving other aspects of my service.

Photo library

Finally, one of the major changes is that I have totally rebuilt by Lightroom photo library. Close to 75,000 photos have now been renamed and backed up on a brand new portable hard drive.

This refreshed system will give me greater control of finding images that have been archived. Locating photos from any shoot at any time can be done immediately by simply running a keyword search.

I'm excited about the season ahead and can't wait to start implementing my new workflow to offer you my new and improved service.