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From the outset, I need to be clear (even though it may be obvious) about the difference between a Booking Client and a Customer, as prices for the same product may vary. A Booking Client is someone who pays for coverage of the whole day, whereas a Customer is someone who visits the gallery.

The following prices are in reference to someone considering becoming a Booking Client.

Digital Photographs

As a Booking Client, all the photos from within the gallery will be made available as a free download. Simply click on the 'Download All' button in your gallery and you'll receive a link from which you can download them as a zip file.

Other guns and participants of the shoot day can also purchase photos from the gallery, adding the photos they want to their cart, and then downloading them once payment has been confirmed.

Price: £8 per photograph


I now offer hard-copy prints of photographs to my clients and customers. I also can print them on the spot and give you the opportunity to return home from the day, with framed print in your hands.


  • 6" x 4" - £10

  • 5" x 7" - £15

  • 8" x 10" - £25

  • A4 - £35

  • A3 - £45 - only available (on the day) at the Came Estate Shoot.


My ‘Tommy Two Barrels & The Unpleasant Pheasant’ mug design

My ‘Tommy Two Barrels & The Unpleasant Pheasant’ mug design


Printing has never been so easy and it is no longer limited to just photo prints. These days you can have your photo or design printed on pretty much anything. Mugs, TShirts, iPhone cases, Pillows, you name it!

While photography is clearly my focus on this site, I do offer a service to have a cartoon made of your shoot.

Please get in touch for more information.


A personalised photobook is a beautiful way to keep and share the memories from your day's shoot. It visually tells the story of your day by capturing genuine moments of friends, colleagues and/or pets. All in all, it captures the atmosphere, energy and exhilaration of the day.

The price of the first photobook incorporates the cost of £175 for the design process, while copies thereafter do not. This adds to the appeal of perhaps ordering one for a friend or family member as a gift.


  • Large photobook: £340 (additional copies: £165) - Size: 33cm x 28cm)

  • Medium photobook: £300 (additional copies: £125) - Size: 25cm x 20cm)

  • Small photobook: £260 (additional copies: £85) - Size: 18cm x 18cm)

Oil Painting Commission

Looking for a something more personal? I can produce to commission paintings on canvas, based on a photograph you designate or supply. 

Commissions are undertaken on high quality linen canvas and cane be produced to any size you specify. I use a mixture of Michael Harding and Old Holland oil paints, both of which are lightfast (they stand up well to time exposed to UV sunlight) and recognised as some of the best brands of oil paint available on the market today.

In order to get the most accurate portrayal from your photograph, I use a high-resolution digital projector to map the image onto the canvas, ensuring that everything is in the right place and to the correct proportion, before I begin painting.

Click HERE for more information.

Price: Negotiable

'Off to the Next Peg' - oil on canvas - 46cm x 61cm ( SOLD )