Hamish Baird Photography


1. Shoot Day Photography

Shoot day photography is obviously my primary service. For a full write up of this service, please click here.

Price: £375 a day + 40p travel


2. Outdoor Portraits

I offer my clients the opportunity to book a short portrait session during the day. Whether it's just you, with a friend or the whole family, we can arrange a time during the day when we can come together to get the shots.

  • Approx 10-20 minute session

  • 10 best edited photos (JPEG) delivered the same day to your email address.

  • 3 prints (4"x6" glossy) of best photographs handed to you in protective covers at the end of the shoot.

Price: £45


3. Marketing & Advertising

For those clients looking to update the photos of their shoot, product or service, I now offer a full or half day session.

By the time the session has ended, you'll be equipped with a generous library of beautiful images that you can embed into your newsletters, blog or social media, giving your platform or product a fresh lease of life.

Price: £300 for full day / £150 for half day.


4. Graphic Design & Illustration

Before I began work as a game shoot photographer, I spent many years working in a number of creative fields such as graphic design, website design and 2d  animation. So if you're looking for someone to design the graphics for your campaign or promotion, do get in touch.

Rate: £10 hour